Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I was tensed to earn money

I was working hard with my blog and website but I could not earn much money.  Why? I asked this question again and again to plan for my future.  Now I sorted out all small steps then enter into the big things.  I hope all my efforts will be converted as money and I understand the situation and practical implications in this process.  I have heard about online business or promoting affiliate program in our website then only 2 to 3% on of the people will be successful.

So I want to try to reach within these 2 to 3% to earn money.  I know it is very difficult to reach that level but still I am trying to reach their.  I hope I will reach below 10% and I was started this blog few years back but I could not reach the right destination.  I understand the physical and practical problem in this regards.

Few years back I was found a blog which is top in search engine for 'Make Money Online' keyword.  When I was surprised to see that because I don't know how to solve this issue and I don't know how to reach that level.  Now I am ready to focus on it and I have planned perfectly to reach the right destination.

Most of the money making ideas and steps will be reached the destination with pain but I can make it possible and I accept the pain.  I hope all my friends understand my situation then they will help me to reach that level soon.  I try to post everyday with my practical knowledge then I can reach it soon.

I am not an individual man but I have friends group who may have much knowledge about online jobs and now I need to seek the help from them.  I will reach the destination with all your help and encouragement.  Thanks for all the my friends and visitors to share my thoughts about blog.

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